Best new Android games August 2012

Android is synonymous to freedom. But, that’s just 1 / 2 of the storyline. Another half is the fact that Android can also be synonymous to fun. The enjoyment is biggest within More »

Best new Android apps of August 2012

In a few parts around the world, the conclusion of August marks the conclusion in the meteorological winter as well as the from the meteorological spring. But, within the arena of Android More »

Music education apps for android

Monterey Jazz Festival’s Digital Music Education Project (DMEP) In line with the advantages of “hearing learn,” the Monterey Jazz Festival’s Digital Music Education Project (DMEP) features interviews with top jazz artists, such More »


Android 4.1.2 comes to the Nexus 7 introduces landscape mode

A new Jelly Bean update is rolling out to lucky Nexus 7 owners, starting today. Android 4.1.2 is an incremental upgrade, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Most of the changes have to do with bug fixes that improve

Asus Padfone 2 will be unveiled live on YouTube could be released in October

Asus might have not hit a home-run from its first attempt at a “3-in-1” Android device, but the Padfone has managed to intrigue many tech enthusiasts, who are all wondering “what if”. Millions of fingers are now crossed for the

32GB Nexus 7 model will be used to phase out 16GB Nexus 7 tablets

We’ve heard rumors of a 32GB Nexus 7 for a while now. There have been leaked inventory screens suggesting the 32GB model’s existence, not to mention that one Japanese customer seems to have received a 32GB Nexus 7 instead of

LG Optimus G Nexus camera photos spotted already on Picasa

Earlier today we showed you the first leaked images of the LG Optimus G Nexus – the name isn’t official yet, but most rumors agree that the first LG Nexus handset will be largely based on the LG flagship handset

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 officially announced

We have known for a while now that T-Mobile is getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, even if the carrier had yet to officially confirm the news. It is now official, though we still know very little about when it

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 LG Optimus G and LG Mach coming to Sprint 4G LTE lineup


Last week LG announced that Sprint, along with AT&T, would be carrying the LG Optimus G. Sprint confirmed this in a press release today that also announced that they would be bringing the LG Mach and the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Leaked documents show ISIS is set to launch on October 22nd


Phones have been shipping with NFC (near field communication) support for several years now, but the one use case that we’ve all been waiting for, paying for things via a simple tap, has yet to take the market by storm.

Galaxy S3 mini name and announcement confirmed by Samsungs


The Galaxy S3 mini rumors have been floating around the interwebs for quite a while now, although Samsung never confirmed anything. However, more and more reports indicated that the company will unveil the 4-inch Galaxy S3 version during a special

10 Best Android Apps for learning music


You’ve got dreams of being a music legend. You’ve rocked out to Guitar Hero, sung your heart out at the karaoke bar, and strutted your stuff in the shower. But, if you really want to perfect your singing skills, you’ll

The Top 10 Android Apps For Music Lovers And Avid Listeners


The siren’s crooning, the heavy bass, the melodies in the air. These are the things you can never get enough of. Whether you want to dance out to your music with everyone or just like to put on the earplugs